Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ignorance in love

I think sometimes we need reality checks,my friend just told me that her ex is getting married.If you had listened to the conversation you would have thought it was her boyfriend that was getting married.She and this guy have been on and off for a while but broke up 2 years ago,they call themselves regularly ,having conversations like people still dating.I guess my friend had it at the back of her mind he might decide to propose to her after discovering she was the best thing to happen to him(cue Boyz 2 Men-I finally Know), so was shocked when he called her that he was now engaged.Funny enough we all knew this guy was bad news, but we girls know how stubborn we can be when we are in "love".It's like she has wasted years on the same guy but now she has to find ways to get back to reality and realize she is single and has been for years!

Why do we do this to ourselves,do we give guys the opportunity to eat their cake and have it.I have heard so many girls say as long as he shares his time equally and i don't know who the other lady is,am fine.Is that really good enough,i know it shouldn't be but i have filled those shoes before and it didn't last because you always look for ways to be he number 1 in his life.

P.S.-I really need a job,what's the use of a degree if i can only get survey jobs and stock taking.If not for this masters i really should be moving back to Nigeria.My parents have been hounding me to come home and "settle down" which really means come home and get married.With all the money i have spent on a degree in this country don't they think they owe me.LOL!!!!!!!!


TaureanMinx said...

That has happened one too many times! Guys!

Also the black text is really hard to read on the red background.

The Pseudo-Independent said...

Very interesting post. Ties in with the above post: 'cheaters'. Think I would agree on the reality checks. It's funny this issue - is very similar to the subject on my blog regarding gender. Thanks for stopping by. See you soon.