Saturday, June 23, 2007

Birthday party?!

See me see trouble o, is it now a crime to be invited to a birthday dinner. I didn't think so until I went for one this weekend and was asked to pay, I was in shock like what?!, so what would have happened if I wasn't holding any extra cash and I had only my cab fare? One guy was actually arguing, like this doesn't happen in my home country and he was not paying a dime, you asked us to celebrate your birthday with you, why didn't you say we were meant to pay our way. He insisted he would have gladly stayed in his house and boiled rice and fried chicken stew(his words not mine) and will not have bothered to come to pay 30 pounds for some tasteless food(which was not true). At this point I was struggling not to laugh; it was really annoying the guy and you could see he was having none of it. Me I said something to that effect briefly ,but shortly after just brought out the money, while mentally telling myself to always ask about things like this when invited to a "birthday party”. The celebrant didn't even bat an eyelid when she asked for the money, but the guy sef didn't move an inch with his stance, we all had to plead with him to pay at least half, which he later did. Lesson learnt -there is no free dinner in the UK!

This reminded me of the time my friend took us to double 4 for her birthday, we had enjoyed ourselves, made a lot of noise, the usual teenage shenanigans.O.k time to pay, and that’s how she started counting the money o, only for her to announce it wasn't enough. We looked at her like you must be joking, who will come and wash plate in double 4, we told her "my friend better count the money again o", can u imagine after doing butter throughout she now expects us to start relaying tales to the waiter. Thank God sha, the issue was that because the notes were new, some were sticking together; so after all no washing of plates.Phew!I can imagine how the gist would have spread round school then, it would have turned into Chinese whispers!

P.S.I ended up not going to the London eye, I saw the queue and I was not like there was no way I was going to be doing that. Maybe next time I would get there early and not stroll there at 3.45.Those people are making money o, at 14.50pounds and they still have that kind of long queue.

Random post-According to julius agwu this is chamillionaire's dad

Friday, June 15, 2007


Hayfever is a biatch!I didn't know it was this terrible-my eyes felt like someone intentionally poured sand in them and then topped it off by putting pins in for sadistic value.I was tempted to take the tablets twice even though it is written boldly to take one,but i was just imagining all the things that could happen if i did.Glad the stupid thing is gone,it just reminds me of when i used to tell my friends that if a guy gave me flowers as a "gift",i would use it to sweep his legs out of my room.Hehe.Pollen has not helped the flowers cause one bit.

I am off to the London eye this weekend, i have been in this country for a while and i have still not being there.People keep bringing it up,like they dash out money there(am sure i would have been there fast as a flash if they did),so i am off to stop the constant pestering!

Are you interested in learning Chinese, anywayz here are some practice exercises for you

Are you harbouring a fugitive?---Hu Yu Hai Ding?
See me ASAP----------------------Kum Hia Nao
Stupid Man-----------------------Dum Gai
Small Horse----------------------Tai Ni Po Ni
Did you go to the beach?---------Wai Yu So Tan?
I bumped into a coffee table-----Ai Bang Mai Ni
I think you need a face-lift-----Chin Tu Fat
It's very dark in here-----------Wai So Dim?
Has your flight been delayed-----Hao Lung Wei Ting?
That was an unauthorised execution-----Lin Chin
I thought you were on a diet-----------Wai Yu Mun Ching?
This is a tow away zone----------------No Pah King
Do you know the lyrics to the Macarena?----------Wai Yu Sing Dum Song?
You are not very bright----------------Yu So Dum
I got this for free--------------------Ai No Pei
I am not guilty------------------------Wai Hang Mi?
Please stay a while longer-------------Wai Go Nao?
Our meeting was scheduled for next week------------Wai Yu Kum Nao?
They have arrived----------------------------------Hia Dei Kum
Stay out of sight----------------------------------Lei Lo
He's cleaning his automobile-----------------------Wa Shing Ka
Your body odor is offensive------------------------Yu Stinki Pu

Have a great weekend and good luck to the Idol contestants!

Footie Update-Nigeria beat Niger 3-1 and so qualified for the finals of the African Nations Cup,we just need another win against lesotho to top the group.Goals were from Kanu,Taiye Taiwo(penalty) and Yakubu

Monday, June 04, 2007

Sweet valley high

GREY'S ANATOMY UPDATE-I cant believe they've dropped Washington,i am going to miss his character.He was good with Christina, and their relationship was one of my favourite things about the show.Guess his apologies were in vain.

Racism-this form/excuse is too crazy,a nigerian guy in belgium was refused a job apparently because of a "racist" dog.Na wah o,using dog as an excuse now,that's a new one.

Oh my,i can't believe i came across this book again.These books got me into trouble in school so many times,started with Sweet valley kids,Sweet valley twins then Sweet valley high and of course Sweet Valley University.We were not satisfied with reading them at home but during classes, pretending we were reading the class text with the novel placed inside.Trust some girls, because of the craze they usually make sure they have the latest ones just to be the center of attention.I wonder how we passed our exams then,we were not passing textbooks round the class but sweet valley series.I even watched the the tv adaptation,my favourite character was Elizabeth,the level-headed twin and i was always rooting for her and Todd.
I wont forget the day the biology teacher caught me,she actually tore the book right in front of me, i was almost in tears-the book wasn't even mine.Did we learn?nope, we continued but picked partners in crimes to be on the look-out if a teacher is staring for too long.Memories........Before Mills and Boons,there was Sweet Valley!

Sister Sledge - Frankie

Rant-See how my dry throat wanted to disgrace me on the train this morning,anybody that has been on the train b4 9 in the morning,know how the thing is as packed as a tin of sardine.Have you ever had this dryness in your throat that you need to cough properly to clear it?That's how this stupid thing started,i was still playing chic clearing my throat quietly,for where,this thing hooked me so much that my eyes were watering.I just covered my mouth and coughed well,you shld have seen the people by my side shifting slyly,who send them ,do they want me to choke here.haba.

Random thot-Did Edie really commit suicide on desperate housewives or are they playing games with us, i would have thot she was stronger than that.

BB Update-Emily and Shabnam are up for eviction, i think Shabnam will be the one to go but who knows with the british public.News flash-Emily has left the building,she was removed from the house because she said: "Are you pushing it out, you nigger?" to Charley.What is it with confinement bringing out racist tendencies in people.Same thing with Jade on celebrity big brother.Although Charley didn't really think there was much to it,she felt she didn't mean it to be offensive.So on that basis there will be no eviction this week.

Footie-England played Estonia and it ended 3-0,goals by Cole,Crouch and Owen.David played really well despite struggling after twisting an ankle,pity he is going to the US to play "Soccer",but with the money involved who can resist.
-Nigeria still lead the way in their Group despite their surprise{not really when it comes to super(?!) eagles} 2-1 loss in Uganda in the 2008 African Cup of Nations qualifiers.

Friday, June 01, 2007


No not the the statistics we did in secondary(high) school,but statistics as per crime.why is it that london just have the weirdos,i was walking home last night oh, that's how one guy asked me if i wanted to taste his banana,do i look like a monkey ehn,ode.I quickly increased my stride at the same time thanking God we were not alone on that street,am not about to be a statistic.I have watched a lot of crime stoppers and i have seen so many unprovoked assaults.
Reminds me of an experience i had way back in secondary school,i was innocently walking from the back gate of my school towards flavours to get something to eat when my friends and i encountered this weird looking guy standing by a car,instead of us to look ahead we were wondering what he was up to.The guy did not disappoint by flashing us,to say i was shocked was an understatement ,trust teenage girls we just giggled and crossed to the other side.who knows maybe he just escaped from the psych ward at yaba right.There are too many sick people in this world,God help us

P.S-Brazil drew with England in a friendly which took place at Wembley,am glad England didn't win or else they might start fooling themselves into thinking they are playing well again.Although Brazil scored the equalizer in the final seconds of the game,that kind of thing can pain.It was a good match though and Beckham put his doubters to shame again.

BB Update,the only guy is now in the house and the girls are all over him,the twist wont make it easier because he has the power to vote someone out for the next eviction.So there would be some serious sucking up.