Friday, July 20, 2007

Things you didnt know about moi.............and my CSI hunks

1-I love love love perfumes,my favourite is Tresor by Lancome i have being using it for 12years
2-I don't wear makeup,the only thing i use is lipgloss,i usually found it funny when i got make-up sets/box as gifts,but my friends now know so they don't waste their money anymore
3-I don't like flying,i want to visit so many places but the thought of flying usually puts me off.I wish there was a way i could travel by road to Naija,i usually sleep through the flight.
4-I am not a seafood person,i can do without ever eating fish or shrimp
5-I can't stand Indomie noodles,although everyone in my house (apart from my parents) love it,my brother and my sister can eat it as 3 meals for a day,everyday
6-I don't drink any form of alcohol,even fruit wine-my friends think it's so boring of me

7-I love "Friends" so much,i cried when the final episode was aired.I do really well when i take the quizzes,the comment after i check the scores is usually "you need to get out more".lol
8-I love motivational books et al,my favourites are "who moved my cheese","rich dad poor dad","what they don't teach you at harvard business school"
9- I would rather stay home than go to parties,i have told so many fibs just because i didn't want to go out.I love my own company so much, i am a real couch potato
10- I can live on biscuits and chocolates,i reduce the consumption of junk food when i notice my jeans/pants are getting tighter
11- My fears-I have a fear of heights(Acrophobia(Hehe)),i find it difficult to even cross over-head bridges.I have a HUGE fear of dogs,i can disgrace myself all because of a dog-it happened when i was going to Naija,i didn't know they had started using sniffing dogs just after passport checks, as i saw the dog like this, i just threw my bag on the floor and ran,i didn't even care if they thought i was carrying drugs.People were just laughing,i no send oh.
12-I hate! injections,i would rather take 50 tablets, i was fond of running round the hospital room,until i was held down by my mom or a nurse

13- I can't drive,went to driving school,have a driver's(expired) license but ....
14- I love Chinese food,if i don't eat any in a week,i could be prone to withdrawal symptoms-hehe!
15-I hate cooking-i cook really well but i am actually lazy when it comes to cooking,which is weird cause my mom loves it.My friends don't believe i hate cooking because i am actually eager when it comes to entertaining.

Risin up -- straight to the top,
Had the guts, got the glory
Went the distance, now Im not gonna stop
Just a (wo)man and (her)his will to survive

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Manchester trip

I was so excited to be at old trafford,i went there when i first got to the UK but even with this second tour the experience was still great.Although there was no match going on, the vibe around was still high.I was wondering how much they made with all these tours,because we had many groups there even those that are not united fans buying souvenirs and all.My next trip should be the Inter Milan match,hope my friend delivers with the ticket

My friends and i went to the cinema later in the day,and it was fun and the film was cool(Die hard 4.0),i don't watch too many action films but i had watched the other die-hard films and i just had to watch it,i wasn't disappointed.we were stuffing our faces with chocs and sweets-with my head warning me about my recent allergy attack but did i listen-nope.I am trusting that i can never be allergic to Chocolates,my sweet tooth is too much for that,i know my God can't play me like that.Hehe!We left the Cinema around 12a.m,and we didn't want to take a cab,so we ran most of the way scaring ourselves with our over-imaginative minds saying that we were being followed.It was scary and fun at the same time.

Some guys can be very funny oh,i ran into an "acquaintance" today who i had worked with recently,see me waving with all enthusiasm and the guy just greeted me with his eyes.I was like wtf,he was with a girl so i suspect she was his girlfriend,but i was still wondering whether that was a good reason for him to chin me,the girl can't be that insecure.It's not his fault sef,i broke my pledge of not raising my hand in greeting 1st,QC girls taught me this good lesson!

Fourth child was kidnapped in Portharcourt,but he has been released,no one can tell me these people are still interested in development projects,it's now all about greed.Involving kids is really the most inhumane thing they can do.God help us in Nigeria!

I went for my first bbq of the "summer",it was fun,gists galore.Met my "ex",didnt even know he was in town,it's true when they say it's a small world.Thank God for no lingering feelings even of resentment-nothing; i am so glad that ship has really sailed,but he still looked good.I was glad i actually convinced myself into doing my weave.

Sales!Sales!Sales!-why am i not excited about this summer's sales,is it becos of the not so sunny weather we've been getting,although today was not too bad.I tried to window shop but got tired within half an hour,maybe i will try again next weekend,don't really like shopping but i love great bargains.

Footie-Watched the Nigeria "under-20" boys in action against Zambia,i have to say i was impressed with the boys,the first goal came within 2 minutes but Zambia equalised and then the second goal by Akabueze was like wow,it came out of nothing but it was a great goal.Trust Nigerian fans with their chants and sound bites,the band was playing non-stop i actually had nostalgic feelings.The winning goal was really befitting,the better team won.
*sob* sob*-Nigeria is out of the competition, we are currently losing 3-0 in extra-time,it's like the boys just collapsed like a pack of cards.They tried sha,they got to the quarters,better luck(training) next time

Didn't know this was the yahoozee dance,actually saw it in dbanj's why me video,this was ideye doing it after scoring against Costa rica

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Alex Hitchens-To be or not to be

You guys have watched "Hitch" right,do you remember the scene where Alex Hitchens(Will Smith) had an attack due to a food allergy.Well lo and behold,i was sitting in my room yesterday when i felt my eyes itching,i thought oh,this hay fever is acting up again.Right?wrong!I felt like something was on my eye and decided to look in the mirror,i don't know why i didn't scream with the image i saw.I nearly fainted,my eyes were swollen and all, i looked almost like Will Smith,If i hadn't watched that film i would have thought it was something more bizarre.
I was just telling myself is this the time you should look like Will Smith,you had to choose the allergy ridden phase,ehn?!My housemate couldn't believe it cause she had just seen me five minutes before it all happened,just to show how much change could occur in the body within a short period of time.The worst part is i still don't know what caused the reaction,i hope it's not something i love eating and my body has now decided it doesn't want to be a temple to it anymore!
I went to the GP today,i had to wear my shades,i am sure people were wondering why i was cause it wasn't sunny,if they only knew i was being considerate.Got some antihistamine and so normality resumes-almost!

P.S. What is Nigeria really turning into,kidnapping a three-year old girl.Here
She has now been released,heard her interview,she was sounding chirpy.The newsperson said the only thing was that she had mosquito bites all over.The militants saw reason at least