Friday, July 20, 2007

Things you didnt know about moi.............and my CSI hunks

1-I love love love perfumes,my favourite is Tresor by Lancome i have being using it for 12years
2-I don't wear makeup,the only thing i use is lipgloss,i usually found it funny when i got make-up sets/box as gifts,but my friends now know so they don't waste their money anymore
3-I don't like flying,i want to visit so many places but the thought of flying usually puts me off.I wish there was a way i could travel by road to Naija,i usually sleep through the flight.
4-I am not a seafood person,i can do without ever eating fish or shrimp
5-I can't stand Indomie noodles,although everyone in my house (apart from my parents) love it,my brother and my sister can eat it as 3 meals for a day,everyday
6-I don't drink any form of alcohol,even fruit wine-my friends think it's so boring of me

7-I love "Friends" so much,i cried when the final episode was aired.I do really well when i take the quizzes,the comment after i check the scores is usually "you need to get out more".lol
8-I love motivational books et al,my favourites are "who moved my cheese","rich dad poor dad","what they don't teach you at harvard business school"
9- I would rather stay home than go to parties,i have told so many fibs just because i didn't want to go out.I love my own company so much, i am a real couch potato
10- I can live on biscuits and chocolates,i reduce the consumption of junk food when i notice my jeans/pants are getting tighter
11- My fears-I have a fear of heights(Acrophobia(Hehe)),i find it difficult to even cross over-head bridges.I have a HUGE fear of dogs,i can disgrace myself all because of a dog-it happened when i was going to Naija,i didn't know they had started using sniffing dogs just after passport checks, as i saw the dog like this, i just threw my bag on the floor and ran,i didn't even care if they thought i was carrying drugs.People were just laughing,i no send oh.
12-I hate! injections,i would rather take 50 tablets, i was fond of running round the hospital room,until i was held down by my mom or a nurse

13- I can't drive,went to driving school,have a driver's(expired) license but ....
14- I love Chinese food,if i don't eat any in a week,i could be prone to withdrawal symptoms-hehe!
15-I hate cooking-i cook really well but i am actually lazy when it comes to cooking,which is weird cause my mom loves it.My friends don't believe i hate cooking because i am actually eager when it comes to entertaining.

Risin up -- straight to the top,
Had the guts, got the glory
Went the distance, now Im not gonna stop
Just a (wo)man and (her)his will to survive


catwalq said...

u and I could be sister. but with perfs: mine changes. right now ist's armani code. and oh, i'm not afraid of heights.

Friend of God said...

Am i the first? i think so.. Quite an interesting person you are... think we defintely have the csi one in common...

Friend of God said...

forgot to mention the man-united link..

cinnamonqueen said...

yay ne post! and yay i am the first to comment! :) love gary dourdan as well. hotness! can't believe there is a nigerian out there who doesn't like indomie noodless. blasphemy! :)

cinnamonqueen said...

oh by the way, how do you post multiple pictures on a blog in that layout? haven't discovered that one yet :o

yankeenaijachick said...

Hey girl, that was a very nice post. Why are you scared to drive? Come and l would help you out. need a car anywhere you are now. I love the post. Now, we know your likes and dislikes incase we have to buy something for you Have a happy weekend.

yankeenaijachick said...

I would teach you how to use makeup and we both like junk food. But girl, you have to cook now. ah now, check out some of my recipes online. Cooking na easy thingy. later girl

SET said...


classybabe said...

@catwalq,armani code,someone told me that was nice
@friend of god,i know.we know united is the best
@cinnamonqueen,i know,i think i'm like one of a handful of people that don't like indomie.i put the pictures in between the sentences
@yankeenaijachick,don't know why i am not interested in driving o,but i am starting driving school in sept.,so will see how that goes.
As per Cooking,i am oh,but i just do it more when i have people around.I just don't like using makeup,am weird like that.
Have a lovely weekend
@Set,mac and cheese,i haven't been courageous enough to try it,seems i like cheese in pizza only.Thanx

O.šeyï said...

Yessss! Another person that can cook but HATES COOKING! I knew there were more of us.

Definitely a couch potato and i'm all lip-gloss no make up.

The Pseudo-Independent said...

thanks for the are you? hope to be back soon! take care.

ps: have you heard of Creed? oh, yes and good choices you have there...take care and God bless

Nyemoni said...

LOL!! Hilarious.... you are funny for real... I love Tresor as well though I don't do signature perfumes..You should like Lancôme's Poême as well then! I lovvvve sea food and no, I don't drink alcohol either.. As for No. 9? We are so alike!!!

Anu boy said...

okay oh, na wa oh, well perfumes, i cant seem to stick to one, i have like 8 on my table right now, different once for different occasions...
uhmm flying, does not really bother me oh... meanwhile, the black horse is still at Doctor Ajenifujas oh

Miss Opeke said...

Wow! We've got so much in common...[1, 2, 7, 8, 9,10,15...]

La Reine said...

I sincerely enjoyed how you peppered your blog with CSI pics.
Mad hottness.

La Reine said...

And Eye of the Tiger is the best song. Never saw the video till now.

diary of a G said...

good to know

I read your comment about not reading long post
I can sooooo feel you on that one

Anonymous said...

lol@ ur dog experience, haha. I'm also scared of them but i dont think my fear is that serious, lol.

ahhh, Get urself a new license and learn how to drive o, i cant wait to drive and u'r here telling me u hav an expired license, ehn.

I love my me time too. But am an indomee noodles fan anyday, hehe.

We definitely have the CSI hunks thing in common, definitely, lol.

Nice one.

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

We are alike in so many ways.... I wish i could close y eyes and reach my destination. I love food, too lazt to cook, can't drive been learning for 10 years and much more kai!


3, 5, 7, 11, 12, 14 and 15 is totally ME!!

i guess its a Red Devil supporter thing

OmoIbadan said...

women and hunks....means dudes like us get no luff abi?
I joke....nice blog

Atutupoyoyo said...

So when we win the treble this season, you will not join me for champagne?

Haba baby?

Onada said...

ok i dont really watch CSI but that first bloke is sooo HOT!!!

Anonymous said...

hey classy babe!i really really appreciate the praye icon u put up!tank u so much!God bless you!i know God will do it!!!

joicee said...

thanx for stopping by Interesting that you have visited germany.It actually depends on what region of the country you were in some places are friendly some are the song on your last post.

princesa said...

Girl i think u are the only one that has done 15 things about urself. I just did 8 and it was a HUGE job for me.
I so love perfs too, havnt tried Tresor yet but if u 've been using it for 12 years then it must be good.I may just try it myself.

@Everyone, why do peeps keep saying Indomie noodles?!?!I think u all mean Noodles, Indomie is just a brand name.
There are lots of noodles brands in naija now and in my opinion,Indomie is not the best!

classybabe said...

@oseyi,yes there are oh.
@pseudo,am cool.The creed i know of is something by which persons of like beliefs might recognize each other.
@Nyemoni,i like poeme!
@anuboy,i like various ones but Tresor has kept its place for years.
I still cant believe that horse is still there,i loved going to Dr Ajenifuja's place
@Miss opeke,that's good
@LaReine,thanx,ithink they are really hawt.Love the song myself,i usually feel invincible when i listen to it.
@diary of a g,it can be tasking sometimes
@chicala,my fear is that bad oh.i am lazy when it comes to driving but am going to give it a go again soon
@a kel called wonder,my first lesson was 9yrs ago and i still cant drive,lol.
@an ibo dude's corner,you know how we do now
@omoibadan,we just appreciating,regular guys are the way to go,hehe
@atutupoyoyo,i will jsut have what i had the last time now-cocacola,we can still toast now
@Onada,yes he is!
@pink-satin,God bless us all my dear.It is well!
@Joicee,my brother says there are like that in most places,but it is a lovely country
@Priincesa,Tresor is lovely(personal opinion)!I actually thot the 15 things will take awhile but it was o.k.
My peeps just eat Indomie,they cant seem to eat any other brand,it's still the most popular though

Anonymous said...

@princessa: yes o , indomie anyday(did i say it b4?)lol. Oh well, pretty much every nigerian has known indomie right from their mum's womb. So no other noodle can top it as far as i know. They still ship it to me here in the UK(no jokes), lol.
Not even distance can seperate us, lai lai!!

Izz said...

Exciting character and traits. And the part of loving your own company so much, that's something many people can't do. SOme feel less when others aren't around. A lady with a great perfume is just perfection in motion. Nice taste. My wife loves friends too - the season is still playing in South Africa.

Love you blog. Will return for more staple.

Manda said...

i thot i commented here? so where da hell is my comment?

jadedjune said...

sis, i feel you on these CSI hunks.....too delicious....

classybabe said...

@Izz,thanx for stopping by.
@manda,lol,didn't see any comments oh
@Jadedjune,very delicious indeed

zaiprincesa said...

I love "friends", i hate injections....but errmm, HOW CAN U NOT LIKE INDOMIE!!!!!!!!!...ahn ahn!..Better change ur mind b4 i vex

Miss Pearse said...

Number 2; check.
Number 4; double check.
Number 9; half a check.
You hate dogs???...dogs are cool. They are Just like men, you have to find the right ones...hehehe.

Olamild said...

hahahahah I feel u on the dog thing
I coudl recall a time in HS (back in 9ja).. u know now big girl now sneaking out to see her bf at a friend's place... I lost all that ego when i got to my friend's place... more like my bf's friend. They had a dog. I was even screaming before the dog came close. I did not enter the compound until they locked up the dog

Confessions of a moody crab said...

I hate dogs, cats, reptiles and all other animals without legs!
I love seafood except oysters and squids
I hate injections and I hate tablets. You would expect someone like me to healthy, right? Wrong.

You don't like indomie???? Babe, are you human at all?lol

linda ikeji said...

i see. i feel like i know u a little better now.we do have a few things in're quite classy, babe!

Nyemoni said...



e don tey oo


eddiie said...

...........3-I don't like flying,i want to visit so many places but the thought of flying usually puts me off.I wish there was a way i could travel by road to Naija,i usually sleep through the flight.

The world today necessitates that,,...i wonder you will manage especially when you are succesful....

Confessions of a moody crab said...

I concur with nos 9, 11 and 12. I really can't stand dogs, honestly. I've had therapies and all that conrolling your inner fear stuff but I'm still scared of them.

classybabe said...

@zaiprincesa,lol,i know pple find it weird that i don't like indomie but i love noodles.I think it's the sauces i don't like really
@Miss pearse,i have a HUGE fear of dogs and Men,Hehe
@olamild,i don't even enter houses with dogs
@COAMD,somethings i think i need therapy for my fear of dogs sef,lol
@Nyemoni and AIDC,i will soonish
@eddie,i know,i would just have to continue sleeping during the flights.

Miss Opeke said...

In case, you don't know its August main point? Update G.F...

Anonymous said...

update girl!!

UndaCovaSista said...

I hate cooking for one(boooring), but love entertaining as well! I love junk food, motivational/self-help books and CSI. Gary Dourdan is like, totally hot!!!! But what's up with the exposure of chest hair in this picture? Not a good look :0(

Nice post,and thanks for stopping by..............

Copido said...

Jeez, we're so alike and yet very different. Here goes
3. Same re flying but I love travelling so I look forward to the onflight movies and my destination

11. Same re: dogs (lol) I once hit a dog with a bottle of water in a London park cos it was trying to sniff me.
12. Same. I still stiffen my body when I'm poked.

Inuke Omotola Davis said...

CSI is my favorite show.
Am waiting for the premier of CSI miami!!!