Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008


I found this funny but you need to view with the upbeat one here.(The upbeat is not working on my page,but wenger dancing is just so weird)Just for my arsenal friends,cheer up-there's always next season:)

Have fun with gooogie,you can make up your own google search and send the link to your friends for a laugh.So some pretty funny links on United weboard,but it doesnt have to be about sports.The link is here.I tried it out and this was my search here

For fellow footie lovers like me,if you have not seen the spoof series on youtube with Mourinho as the host,you guys should check it out.There are some pretty hilarious episodes-they tried with many of the voices being almost identical to the real characters.It's titled "I am on Setanta sports",this is the first episode below

Sunday, April 13, 2008

United VS Arsenal

Hargreaves' expression says it all...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Nollywood and other gists

What is with the new themes in Nigerian Home videos-I have watched like 5 films in the last two weeks and 4 of them have been about lesbianism and the 5th one was even about Incest?!The pawing and the acting was just deplorable...yes nollywood we get the point.
Then Mr Desmond Elliot-Are you the only actor left in Nigeria?One can watch 10 films and he will be in like 9 of them!I just watched a yoruba film on youtube and guess who was in it again...

Is it an indication of the world we live in when 12-13 yr old kids make out in public with careless abandon.The worse part was that they started of with what was close to assault which they regarded as having fun,they were like the spectacle at starbucks that day but they didn't seem to care.Am i going to walk into Mr Biggs one day and that will be the sight that will befall me?!I hope not,although we know what kids get up to in the name of having fun but i still want to believe that they can respect themselves and their parents enough in public.I just think of how at the age of 21 i was still scared to hold on to a guy in public in Naija even though i was allowed male visitors at home.Times are changing and sometimes i think it's changing too fast for the negative things.

I am loving my new 9ice album,street credibility is trying to take the place of gongo aso on my favourite list,but i have space for both of them in my top spot.If you haven't heard his new album check out his myspace here ....and then go out and buy the album.LOL!

Footie and passport
One would first wonder at the relevance of this topic.My classmates want to go spain to watch the Barcelona-United game,their own main issue is getting tickets but with my lovely green passport i need to get a visa ASAP if i want to go on the trip.My classmates went to paris and amsterdam for the easter break but i couldn't go,i was limited to looking at picture albums..really i love my country but i can't say the same about my passport!

Have fun guys!xoxo