Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The BABY FACE ASSASSIN is forced to retire due to a persistent knee injury,this is really sad cause he is a United legend.He scored the winning goal at the final of 1999 champions' league,he may have been a super-sub but he was on target 99% of the time!
He is loved greatly by every united fan,he was a great professional although he was mostly played as a sub,you didn't hear any mumbling from him.It wasn't lack of ambition,he just knew what the club needed from him and he usually delivered as an impact player.
I am going to miss you Solskjaer but i hope you continue your career in Old trafford because you still have a lot to teach the youngsters.Thank you for the memories!
You will be missed and it was great you retired as part of the reigning premiership team,because that is what you really are, a CHAMPION!

"Who put the ball in the German's net

Who put the ball in the German's net

Who put the ball in the German's net



6 Premiership titles, 2 FA Cups,1 League Cup and 1 champions league winners' medal
Old trafford playing career->July 1996- August 2007
126 goals in 366 appearances

Friday, August 24, 2007


I am really feeling Wande Cole's Ololufe,i think i have listened to it like 20times today on his myspace.I love the end so much where he was asking the babe- if money comes will you help me spend it,if children come will you help me take care of them,when a house is built will you live with me and finally when death comes will you go with me[me i don't know about this part oh:(].I will definitely be getting the single and if the album lives up to expectation i shall be buying.There is something about his voice,it's really cool!

Footie-I didn't know i still liked beckham oh,i think it was the Madrid factor that disturbed the United love i had for him.I was watching the England/Germany friendly and i just heard myself saying in reaction to someone's statement-"Beckham be careful don't injure yourself you have nothing to prove to anybody".It took me by surprise because i was always bitching about him when i watched him at the bernabeu,so i guess its real madrid i don't like!
United's start to the season has been shockingly poor,it's like we caught arsenalitis.We just tend to pass and pass,and not find the net,i want to believe the boys will wake up soon 'cause we cant afford to drop more points,we are already 5 points behind chelsea after only 3 games.Maybe the spirit of 92/93 is alive and we are going to win the premiership title the same way!
@my fellow United fans-Our twins might be coming in January,i am watching them now at the Fifa U-17 world cup.Here
Fergie is really building for the future but the present situation i am not finding funny,hope we get a cure for the arsenalitis syndrome soon.I don tire for all the mocking calls and texts!

Facebook-I read an article about facebook and the thing scared me sha,but really how come anybody can just tag your pictures.It seems FB can also be used as a tool for identity theft?!I cant find the article anymore but i was almost tempted to delete my account.This was the general idea of the article here though

I have still not found a place and i am supposed to be moving in 2 weeks,i am sure i will be stuck with the university accommodation so there will be no guests for a while.

Have a lovely weekend!It's going to be a long weekend for us here,hope the weather doesn't affect the carnival sha.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Parental control

I was watching MTV this evening and i saw that the next programme was titled "Parental Control".I thought to myself o.k,what are these people up to again they just have some crazy ideas for TV programmes-if it's not "Next",it's "Room raiders".Parental Control,for those that have not seen it involves the parents interviewing "suitable" partners for their kids with the mother and father providing one candidate each.The daughter/son now has to go on dates with the 2 people picked while the parents and the present boyfriend/girlfriend watch everything going on.What amazes me about the show is how this particular girl was talking to her boyfriend's parents,if that was Naija she would have received some nice slaps.
I can imagine my parents coming to tell me they had candidates for me to date,i would know there was something seriously wrong.There are some shows that would never work in Naija sha.

I was watching a Nigerian film where this babe was sleeping with her ex.They didnt get married because he wasn't ready and there was pressure from her mother for her to start giving her grandkids.Anyways she meets someone else who was ready to marry her,fast forward some years-she has a kid but her husband was usually out of town.So she called her ex to act as her splackavellie.I was now wondering do people have that person in their life that could ever tempt them to cheat on their partner.My friend stated once that she suspects that i could be tempted to cheat on my husband with my Ex(that's how much i liked him),i want to believe that's not true though.

The premiership is back and i know that's what will take up my weekend.I am so excited and nervous at the same time,i hope it will be a back to back premiership title for United.I should put a tenner on it,Hehe!

Have a lovely weekend!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Community Shield-Manchester United vs Chelsea

Tevez finally gets to join Manchester United,who remembers this episode here.Now he is joined and the longest transfer saga is over for now.Let's see how he and Rooney will play together,i am excited and i hope he proves he was worth the hassle.

Manchester United played Chelsea in this season's community shield at the New Wembley on Sunday.United drew the first blood with Giggsy but Malouda equalised just before the end of the first half,there were no goals in the second half so it went to penalties.
Lampard,Shaun Wright-phillips and Pizarro had their penalties saved by Van der Sar,while Rooney,Carrick and Ferdinand scored theirs for United.I have no fear of the community shield jinx because it would be broken again this year!
The season starts from next weekend,here is to many more twists and turns which i hope ends in Manchester United's favour!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Once upon a time in disneyland

I didn't even imagine i would be travelling this month,but anyways that's how this Paris trip popped up.I was complaining to my friend that i needed a break and he came up with the idea of us going to Paris/Disneyland,I was already planning to go with my sister to the one in yankee but i don't trust those embassy people ,so this was a better option.I had my Schengen Visa from my previous trip so that one was no wahala.

The hotel was not too far from Disney,agbaya like me i couldn't go on many rides,that's what watching CSI can do to you.They are celebrating their 15 year anniversary so there were many more activities going on.The rides that i managed to go on were cool even though they were not full of thrills,my expressions in the pics were bad enough for me not to purchase them.The teacup ride made me queasy somehow some people were trying to make it go really fast,i was too glad when it was over.The studio tour tram ride, complete with explosions was fun,they showed us how they filmed explosion scenes.They also did the earthquake scenes with huge surge(where did the vocab. come from,hehe) of water.Anyway sha the boat was shaking so much i had to hold onto a pole,it was mad exciting.
The first day i took a picture with goofy at the hotel since mickey was hiding somewhere,i can swear the guy was trying to tap current.Even costumes can't stop some guys sha.
I wanted to go onto the Eiffel tower but once again the queue would not allow me,the pics i took of it were not so clear,guess i was too far away.

Even the food in the hotel was not bad,the breakfast spread was cool unlike some places were they give you one slice of bread cut into two,chei.

Moving around was not too easy with me and my friend not particularly fluent in french(particularly ko,not even one bit sef) and with english-speaking people few and far between or they could have been pretending.There was this hawt black guy that i saw and decided to ask for directions,see me trying to use my JS3 French and one yeye phrase book
Classy...Bonjouir(My friend was busy laughing behind)
Hawt guy...Bonjouir
Classy..... la gare routière(those phrase books are not too helpful with pronunciation sha).I was surprised he understood it,because i was sure i was murdering the language,lol
Hawt guy...... traversez "something something" de la rue .............
Classy(busy looking at his face and daydreaming)
After he had finished giving his directions,i just nodded and said Merci, cussing that i cldn't speak french.I am sure the poor guy thought he had passed on some good information.
It was fun sha,Paris is a cool place to visit but i doubt if i can live there.
This trip didn't even prevent me from blog stalking,i am glad the hotel had a good Internet connection.

For footie lovers,this is the video of the new Manchester United 9yr old recruit.The boy looks good sha for his age