Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Big brother is back!

Every year for the past 4 yrs i have vowed not to watch BB but come tomorrow i am sure i will be in front of the tv watching the launch show.I don't know which of the series has been my favorite,i think i am leaning towards the one that featured Makosi.I tend to like the housemates that people cant stand(does that make me a bad judge of character or the british public just don't know what entertaining people are about.lol!)

I remember i didn't like jade goody in BB3 but she has being the most successful house mate till date.BB4 was really big brother bore as it was later named,i didnt like any single character in that house.BB5 with Jason and Victor was mad fun, i liked those two but most people were on the side of the "harem".I was really rooting for victor when that fight broke out, i was busy cheering him on but i didn't realise it would turn out to be a great brouhaha.I was disappointed Nadia won,she was really not my cup of tea.Then the bunny boiler,Michelle who never let Stuart out of her sight,it was no surprise their relationship didn't last.
BB6-Makosi and Science were my favourite housemates,i still want to understand how Anthony won that show ,he just had the "looks" but there was nothing to him.I am sure Makosi would have won if she had not told so many tales!

I didn't watch much of BB7 becos housemates just started walking out of the show and also if i had watched Nikki for an extra day i would have broken my TV!
I am looking forward to this show,i don't know why i waste precious hours/minutes watching this show but i just cant take my eyes away.If that is not crash tv i dont know what is,maybe i need to go to Big brother Anonymous!My name is classy babe and i am a big brother addict.......

Update:This series is different,seems for now it's going to be 11 women and 1 man(who comes in on friday).I am already noticing the weird(more like weirder) ones in the house.Let the twists and turns begin.......


May 29th-Handover date in Nigeria

In recent history, Nigerians have been overwhelmingly betrayed by those charged with addressing their needs. Instead of serving the people, public servants have served themselves to the detriment of the masses. The result is a nation lacking adequate infrastructure, organisation and security.

The ineffectiveness of Nigerian leaders indicates a lack of accountability to their constituents. Nigerians are no longer relevant to their leaders, thus, leaders do not feel responsible to them.

The recent failure to conduct a free and fair electoral process was yet another illustration that the needs of the many are secondary to the wants of the important few.
From this day, all Nigerians are responsible for the future of this great & powerful country. Consequently, all Nigerians must commit themselves to the following:

1. We must demand that elected officials be held accountable for their actions and in-actions.
2. We must expect democratic principles to be honoured, respected and maintained.
3. We must believe that all Nigerians are equal under the law and should be treated as such.
4. We must apply ourselves to improving the lot of every individual Nigerian regardless of gender, religion, tribe or social status.
5. We must strive to maintain a united republic despite our differences.

Only upon achieving these principles can we as a people fully live up to our potential as a land of greatness. For ours is a country renowned for its illustrious people, ample resources and sheer physical beauty.

N.B.This is our voice being heard-the post is part of Solomonsydelle's movement to raise awareness about the "democracy" issues in Nigeria
It seems the bbc news website noticed the proclamation...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


If you look up guilty pleasures,this show should be used as an example.This programme is just too funny,first i can't imagine wasting my money to confirm that a guy is cheating on me but i don't mind watching them sha.Some of the funniest episodes i have seen are-
1)The girl is caught cheating just before her engagement,and when she is caught she is busy telling Greco that she is not the one in the video and they got her look-alike to set her up.Is she serious?
2)The girl who was being cheated on by her girlfriend-with her brother.That is the family dinners gone to the bin
3)The guy that attacked the crew with a paint ball gun
Why is that when these people are caught,that's when they usually realize they don't love their partners anymore,did they need a television crew to make them realize this.To imagine Greco has been stabbed,but i have never seen that episode
What would you do if you see Greco and his crew,i cant even imagine what i would do,the worst case scenario would be if the cheated partner was a GUY!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ignorance in love

I think sometimes we need reality checks,my friend just told me that her ex is getting married.If you had listened to the conversation you would have thought it was her boyfriend that was getting married.She and this guy have been on and off for a while but broke up 2 years ago,they call themselves regularly ,having conversations like people still dating.I guess my friend had it at the back of her mind he might decide to propose to her after discovering she was the best thing to happen to him(cue Boyz 2 Men-I finally Know), so was shocked when he called her that he was now engaged.Funny enough we all knew this guy was bad news, but we girls know how stubborn we can be when we are in "love".It's like she has wasted years on the same guy but now she has to find ways to get back to reality and realize she is single and has been for years!

Why do we do this to ourselves,do we give guys the opportunity to eat their cake and have it.I have heard so many girls say as long as he shares his time equally and i don't know who the other lady is,am fine.Is that really good enough,i know it shouldn't be but i have filled those shoes before and it didn't last because you always look for ways to be he number 1 in his life.

P.S.-I really need a job,what's the use of a degree if i can only get survey jobs and stock taking.If not for this masters i really should be moving back to Nigeria.My parents have been hounding me to come home and "settle down" which really means come home and get married.With all the money i have spent on a degree in this country don't they think they owe me.LOL!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pastry Shoes

When i heard the name on the show Run's house,i was just wondering what will these shoes look like.I have finally seen them and i think they look cool,probably not my cup of tea but so many people have had great things to write about them.Although with about 50 good reviews there is one which states that the shoes are uncomfortable.So what do you think,who has one one and are they comfy?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

We are Manchester United!We are Champions!

We are Champions,it's quite Ironic that the team which was our closest rival handed us the title.It's been a long journey and finally the dream has come true,since 2003 our trophy is back home.LOL!

Friday, May 04, 2007

He's Just Not That Into You

I think every woman should read this book,i read it a few months ago and even then while i was reading it i was constantly nodding my head in appreciation of the truth.There were so many times that i had made excuses for guys when they either didn't call or keep their promises.
Here is an excerpt from the book:

Dear Greg,

I met a really cute guy at a bar this week. He gave me his number and told me to give him a call sometime. I thought that was kind of cool, that he gave me control of the situation like that. I can call him, right?


Dear Control Freak,

Did he give you control, or did he just get you to do the heavy lifting? What he just did was a magic trick: It seems like he gave you control, but really he now gets to decide if he wants to go out with you — or even return your call. Why don't you take Copperfield's number, roll it in a newspaper, pour milk in it, and make it disappear.

"Give me a call." "E-mail me." "Tell Joey we should all hang out sometime." Don't let him trick you into asking him out. When men want you, they do the work. I know it sounds old school, but when men like women, they ask them out.......................

I heard this same quote again while watching Sex and the city, when Miranda was obsessing over a guy and Carrie's boyfriend told her point blank "He's Just Not That Into You".I think sometimes we women need to hear these words so we can stop wasting time on guys who are really not interested.No more excuses!

A.I.G-Almost in Greece
That's the name now coined from our sponsors because we were "kicked" out of the Champions League because that's what really happened.Still too painful so i won't even bother blogging about it.LOL!
Baros was given a three match suspension and i think he deserved it because i doubt he would have made that gesture if it was a white player,according to him he said there was nothing racist in his gesture and that he had only wanted to signify to M'Bia that he should move back and let him "breathe".Yeah right i can see how that gesture will allow him to breathe.Ode!