Monday, June 06, 2011

2011-The year of variety

Hating my Job...
Missing my former colleagues...
Ryan Giggs shocking me...
Barca messing with my team once again...
Missing the blogosphere...
Missing BK...
Still with the ping fever..
Missing the Scottish accent :) ...
Weddings!Weddings!! Weddings!...

Good to be back.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Will be back to write about my NYSC experience and my relocation.It's been a bag of mixed emotions for me,but am glad to be back home.
Happy new year guys!As they say better late than never.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

wedding websites

I have been looking at wedding websites a lot recently,most times just looking at the pictures.I came across a site belonging to a couple i was acquainted with and looked at their story page...let's say there were some important details left out of that story.People are aware of how romantic a story is when it's describing how long the couple have been together or how they saw themselves across the room and it was love at first sight.All that is well and good but please if it really didnt happen,dont make up details because not all relationships started off smoothly.I know it's your prerogative to write what you want on your wedding site but it really doesn't have to be played out like a nollywood script.

Dont say you have been together for 8 years when you broke up for four years and you were dating other people-i think it's kind of disrespectful to your partners then.
I am all for the stories that make me go "Aww" but I dont want to be doing that all over a fake story,even normal relationships that didn't last decades can be romantic in their own way.If only we could all have love stories a la "love and basketball".Aww

O.k rant over,**back to looking at cool wedding pics**.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ken Lee AKA Without you by Mariah

This video was rated as one of the most popular on youtube.I can see why...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Street Credibility video

I am back...
What have i missed?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Wassup Guys?
My trip to Naija was very eventful,it was the attack of the "sneeze".I bought a drink at the airport and just as i had enjoyed the lovely two gulps one wicked man decided to sneeze just beside me.I cussed him endlessly cause i was feeling so parched and there was no way i was buying the over-priced drink again.The plane was delayed for an hour which wasn't a major surprise,o.k time for food and i had another "sneeze" episode.The guy in front of me had to wait until the food arrived before he decided to sneeze and not even with an handkerchief oh,but with his head turned towards my seat.Another cold drink down the drain...

I had a CID experience on the way back from the airport.saw this two suspicious guys that i just felt they were tailing the car.They were walking together but now separated,one was standing beside us and when we drove past a car i saw the other one on the phone about to enter a car, i made sure he saw me watching him.My siblings made fun of me,but i am still suspicious of those guys.It is well.

I have eaten most of the food on my list and been to the eateries i marked out to go to.

There are so many places to have one's hair done did mine on sunday,how ironic that i don't like the woman that i have her hairstyle

I didn't get to see Rio during his trip to naija, wanted to go to the MTN connect center but i couldn't get anyone to take me.Talking of sports,Naija is definitely over the top crazy about football everywhere i go there is something that has to do with football.There are quite a number of chelsea fans,but majority is still Arsenal and United.

Watched sex and the city on Monday there were so many people at the cinema-saw Tee A,Laspapi,Okey Bakassi,Jedi and Tosin Dekalu(Lady Cobbler),i guess that's the power of concessions.The film was nice,i had fun but it was longer than i thought it would be and i got back home later than expected.

Will probably go and watch laspapi's wole soyinka plays one of these coming sundays.

Takia guys

Friday, May 30, 2008

In Naija

If PHCN allows i will let you guys know what i am up to.I am so excited and will make sure i tick all the things on my list.Number 1-Buka food,lol
Will be watching Sex and the City at the Galleria soon,hopefully that will be fun and of course a chance to see the hottie that is Samantha's boyfriend!