Thursday, October 25, 2007

I am not asking for McDreamy

...Because i know am not "Meredith",my father didn't abandon me and my mom doesn't constantly tell me i am ordinary.I am asking that you take me as i am,love me in spite of my "shortcomings"(lol,that actually sounded like a speech by Mer.).
How come some guys expect you to tolerate their faults while they can't/won't tolerate ours.Do you think that is fair-cause i don't.

Now i need to rant about my favourite programmes for their respective new seasons.
UK people,don't read further abeg,only if you are not bothered about knowing future storylines......

Grey's Anatomy-Is it me or is that programme slowly going downhill.I told myself i would stop watching it when they fired Isiah but the draw of MerDer is strong.Now the reason i am watching the show is being messed with-first they wanted to attach McDreamy and Meredith's sister, now i am hearing they are bringing a new woman into the picture.Why wont Shonda just allow MerDer to be together,isn't it time Meredith got healed-was this not the same woman asking to be loved and chosen 2 seasons ago?

Desperate Housewives-I am loving the Carlos/Gabrielle storyline,although why they didn't realise they were so much in love when they were both single?Now that silly Eadie is about to suss things out!

Heroes-Am not feeling the Hiro's storyline in Japan.I never realised until now that Peter petrelli was in Gilmore girls.The boy is cute sha and i miss his locks!

Facebook-Spamming in facebook is getting really annoying!My funwall is just filled with forwarded mails that have been sent to my mailbox-i am really thinking of removing that application.
Do random people poke you?I cant imagine how i would poke someone i don't know,well maybe if it was Blair Underwood(LOL!).If someone pokes me and i dont know the person-sorry i wont reciprocate

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dinner for five

Eid Mubarak to my muslim friends!
I had fun celebrating Eid even though i still miss the Naija way.My classmate decided to cook dinner for me to celebrate the end of Ramadhan,we had planned that we were going to go to a restaurant before but my friend was like why don't we just chill and eat at home.We were like is he sure he can cook,he was like sure,what do we want to eat.Tope was like she wanted french cuisine and he said no problem.I was busy thinking to myself,"i hope i don't go there and disgrace myself" cause i am not very adventurous when it comes to food.
We asked him what ingredients should we bring,he was like no problem he would take care of everything.

Anyways not to just go there empty-handed,we got some plates,cutleries,cakes and some drinks.I didn't know what wine to pick but just gambled on a bottle that looked nice.
We walked round the town looking for his apartment cause his descriptions were very hazy at best.It was a policeman that actually showed us the way,who by the way seemed drunk to me,well maybe it was the accent:).We finally got to his place and we were surprised at the preparations,the food was smelling lovely!
We gisted for a while and my friend was tripping that his flatmate was italian(i also think italians can be so sexy),everyone was laughing and just generally had a good time.

The food was served,so the time of reckoning was here(LOL) for me and my taste buds.The presentation was on point almost looked like a restaurant meal-the only difference was the disposable plates:).I already could see so many things i have never eaten before on my plate,the meal was a combination of Italian and French food.The chicken was on point and that was what i used to neutralise the effect of the vegetable mix which had an odd taste.Long story short,i just ate the rice and the chicken and quickly took my plate to the kitchen to hide the evidence in the bin.In a gathering that had other Nigerians i knew i wouldn't be the only one with an ordinary taste in food so it was all good.

It was a great night out and am sure we will be doing more of it,i just need to train my taste buds to start accepting foods other than ogbono and egusi :(!

Monday, October 08, 2007


I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.-Rosa Parks

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.
-- H. P. Lovecraft

We all have our fears in life don't we,even the most successful of people feel a level of apprehension for something.It might not be about money or relationships,it could be health fears.I have fears right now,i worry about my new degree.I have so many questions-Is it the right course for me?Would they expect something different from my old uni?If they do can i provide that something different?Will it get me the job i want and not just a job to make ends meet?
I have fears concerning marriage-Will i meet someone i like enough to marry?Will i ever completely forget my ex?Did my ex dent my emotions so much that i can't seem to find someone else?Will i give in to pressure just because all my friends are married?Do i care that the "love of my life" is getting married?

I have accepted that these fears are now part of me for now but also realised that the worst thing will be for me to worry excessively about them.If i worry now and don't buckle down enough to get the best out of my degree then some of my fears might well be confirmed.
I have accepted that there is no need to give in to pressure from people telling me/asking me why i am not married.I shouldn't settle for someone just because i am tired of people making snide remarks,they wouldn't be around when my "husband" starts getting on my nerves for no apparent reason.
I have accepted my Fears and I am living with them!

The conquest of fear lies in the moment of its acceptance.-Unknown.

As Bobby McFerrin says-Don't worry,Be Happy!