Sunday, September 30, 2007

Footballers-when they were kids!Can u guess?

It was a 50 question quiz,i think i got like 25 right,some faces haven't really changed that much

Monday, September 24, 2007

First week in Scotland

I never really thought i would live in a country where i don't feel completely safe walking around-this is nothing to do with crime though just a feeling of unease.Yesterday was funny,on my way to class i just felt like a jet-spray of water on my face,of course someone had spat,i didn't look to even know if it was done on purpose.The person might just have been careless,but people that know me know that i can be very finicky when it comes to hygiene.I wanted to faint seriously and to add insult to injury i couldn't find any toilet before the class started!I was not myself throughout the class.Immediately during the break i rushed off to look for some water!That just messed up my day a little but i am seriously not feeling this Scotland Oh.
I just go from Class to my student accomodation,i am still not comfortable in this town.Although i went out with some of my Nigerian classmates this weekend to some tourist attraction-that was fun.
I am hoping i eventually like this place though,fingers crossed!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Djokovic's impressions

I found this clip really funny,if you watch tennis you will too.He got their gestures really well,some of the players might not see the humour in it but this aspect of his character made him a hit at the US Open.He is a great player and he also knows how to have fun