Monday, September 24, 2007

First week in Scotland

I never really thought i would live in a country where i don't feel completely safe walking around-this is nothing to do with crime though just a feeling of unease.Yesterday was funny,on my way to class i just felt like a jet-spray of water on my face,of course someone had spat,i didn't look to even know if it was done on purpose.The person might just have been careless,but people that know me know that i can be very finicky when it comes to hygiene.I wanted to faint seriously and to add insult to injury i couldn't find any toilet before the class started!I was not myself throughout the class.Immediately during the break i rushed off to look for some water!That just messed up my day a little but i am seriously not feeling this Scotland Oh.
I just go from Class to my student accomodation,i am still not comfortable in this town.Although i went out with some of my Nigerian classmates this weekend to some tourist attraction-that was fun.
I am hoping i eventually like this place though,fingers crossed!


femme said...

dont worry, u'll break in soon.
hope u feel better already.

princesa said...

Yucky Yucky!
Someone spat on your face!
Pele my dear,was it deliberate or what?? Okay you didnt wait to find out.

You try sha, sat through class with the spit on your face, me am not sure i can do that o! Wiil just bone class and run home to take a bath.

Maybe thats the scottish way of saying welcome, no worry e go beta!

~Mimi~ said...

awwwwwwww... pele,, hope u settle in nicely. pls what r u doing all the way in scotland??

euuuuuuwwwwwwwww @ spit on ur face

classybabe said...

@femme,i hope so.i do my dear
@princesa,yeah i know,yucky!it was more like a spray so people that saw me couldn't see anything.Even when i cleaned it with tissue i still felt somehow.what knows what the inconsiderate guy is carrying in his system.God help us!E go better really
@Mimi,thanx's masters oh.Eww really

Ugo Daniels said...

Don't worry my dear, it's always like that, when you move to a new place. You'll adjust with time. Chin up!

PS: i know you must be gloating over chelsea's current situation now. Well, you hav every right to be :)

Andy said...

Really? Are you in Scotland? Then hopefully, we should get to meet then. Holler back!

wienna said... na scotland u go to? Where, in scotland, se na aberdeen or edinburgh? Abeg make u come back to Ldn, i heard there'r many rogues there. lol

Vera Ikeji said...

The person must have bn a racist. The person needs fresh orientation cos apparently he/she must have bn daft.
Take it easy dear. U will survive. Nigerians always do.

SET said...


classybabe said...

@Ugo,thank u.P.S,yes i am,but i as kinda disappointed when i saw the newsflash.He will be missed
@Andy,we should,was at your end on friday
@wienna,there are rogues and worse still they are less receptive of blacks.But it's all good we shall survive
@Vera,thanx.I suspect he might have done it on purpose,if he did then he is really ignorant and simple-minded.The world will soon leave him behind with his attitude
@Set,thanx babes.I have met some nice people,feel more at ease in the university settings,it's just the main town.Hopefully it should get better or i should get used to it

Andy said...

Hi CB, that was cool knowing you were around Buchanan station....hmmmm! Holler at

Omosewa said...

Awwww who was that nasty person. I can imagine ur disgust, i wld have blurted out "idiot" or something before i knew it sef. I hate spit!!!

Girl, i hope you settle in eventually, i guess its the whole of chnge of environment thing. There are many Nigerians there i think, i'm sure you'll get to know more people later. Ndo,hang in there.

pamelastitch said...

I don't know what to say......

but i am sorry.

You will break in.