Monday, April 30, 2007

Manchester United -Never do it the easy way

This match against everton had been hyped because Chelsea would be playing at the same time.Nobody could have written the drama that ensued from 12.45-2.45ish.I was not going to do that split screen rubbish,liver did not gree me,anyways trust rival fans letting you know what was happening.When everton scored,shock gripped me i was like not again i was not in the mood for any hypertension moves today.Not long after Bolton scored against Chelsea,i was like thank God we were not the only ones dropping points if it stayed like this,thats how the topsy-turvy ride began,chelsea scored to equalise and then again to make it 2-1.My heart was racing badly,i was like which kind of ill-luck is this.Anyways 2nd half started,me i was busy praying to my God,thats how Everton scored the 2nd o-wtf!
Then Lo and behold Bolton equalised but the Chelsea fans were still able to Cheer when they heard we were 2-0 down.Anyways thank God for the keeper and phil neville(once a red,always a red)(although i pitied him cause of the own goal) we were back in the game.We all know how the game ended,my prayers were finally answered Rooney scored(heard they had been giving him stick all night,chanting Rooney what's the score?),the United fans duly replied after the goal with the same chant and he kindly obliged them by using his hands to indicate_3-2,the everton fans were not well pleased.Eagles topped up the remarkable comeback to make it 4-2.This was just another day in the life of a Typical United fan.


Anonymous said...

You are in d wrong team...Chelsea baby!blues 4 life..4 life

The Last King Of Scotland said...

chelsea more application for u classy, care to accept?